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Shamoon has over 15 years of multi-faceted experience working with families from diverse backgrounds to navigate academic, social/emotional, and college/career needs. Shamoon graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in Sociology. He then took a leap of faith by moving to Chicago where he earned an M.A. in Sociology, a school counseling certification with Concordia University, and a Ed.S. in Educational Leadership at National Louis University.

Shamoon’s career in education has taken him from academic advising in higher education to finding his true calling in high school counseling. Over the past decade, Shamoon has had a massive impact transforming departments in an urban high school setting in Chicago and a suburban high school in Illinois. Through a data-driven approach to counseling that combines a deep commitment to student outcomes, analytical thinking, and thoughtful nurturing of relationships and culture with both students and fellow educators, he has supported both departments toward meeting the criteria to become Recognized ASCA Model Programs (also known as RAMP).

Born in 1980 to Assyrian parents in Iran, one year after the 1979 Iran Revolution, Shamoon grew up in a very controversial time that became increasingly politically tumultuous over the course of his early childhood. Eventually, his family left Iran for Germany, where they lived for two years as refugees before obtaining a visa to come to the United States and put down roots in Connecticut. Shamoon went on to graduate from New Britain High School in 1999, encountering many supportive mentors who provided inspiration and motivation along the way. He has now dedicated his life to do the same for others as was done for him.

In addition to his experience as an educator, he is currently serving as an alderman of the 8th ward in the city of Des Plaines, IL, a Co-Founder of a start-up aimed to create an education tool to increase counseling efficiency, and the host of a podcast.

Shamoon enjoys watching football with his three beautiful children and wife, taking small trips, swimming in the local pool, reading, mentoring others, cycling, walking, and grilling in the backyard with his family. Shamoon is excited to be part of My College Planning Team where he partners with families to support them on their career journey.

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