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Roger LorelleRoger founded Collegiate Funding Solutions in 1998 with the mission of helping families save ON and not just for the cost of a college education. CFS launched the first web-based college planning software for financial advisors in 2005, so that advisors could deliver significantly more value to their clients with college-bound children,
helping them to send their children to college without wiping out their retirement savings or incurring suffocating student loan debt.

For over 20 years, CFS has partnered with financial advisors and organizations. CFS provides them with the capability, expertise, education and support necessary to help families save ON, not just for the cost of college and send their children to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price.

In addition, Roger and his team of subject-matter experts at CFS deliver educational workshops to parents of college-bound children on a variety of college planning, admissions, financial aid and college funding topics.

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