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Maciej is a high school counselor with 18 years of experience in a large public high school in Chicago. He helps his approximately 400 students in identifying, planning, and attaining individual goals consistent to their aptitudes, needs, abilities, and interests. He has worked with thousands of students on their college search and admission application process, as well as aiding in extensive scholarship searches and maneuvering the financial aid process. As a former College Advisor at a Community College, he advised students concerning their academic plans and progress, academic schedule, choice of major, and other academic activities and career goals.

Maciej graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History/Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has a double Master’s degree in School Counseling and School Leadership from Concordia University.  He is fluent in Polish.

Maciej’s personal experiences have a strong influence on his work with families. Having arrived in the United States at the age of seventeen, he is very passionate about educating all students regarding their post-secondary options. He strongly believes in the importance of developing a well thought out plan to explore all post-secondary options before choosing the plan best for each student and family.

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