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Julian Treves

Julian Treves is Executive Director of My College Planning Team.  Besides general management of My College Planning Team, he supports the business team and works with families all across the United States.  He is also founder of College Tuition Advisory Services (CTAS), a data analytics business which provides transparent college pricing to help people get past the acronyms and confusion of the financial aid system.  Julian holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and graduate degrees from Columbia University.  He presents at events across the country and publishes a Substack blog, CTAS Higher Ed Business, which covers college enrollment from a business and financial perspective.

“I always tell families that they hold a lot of power as they enter the college admissions process,” says Julian.  “The media’s obsession with a minority of highly-selective schools deflects from the reality on the ground, which is that todays students have many options that fit them academically and financially.”

Julian lives in Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife and two pre-college-age children, and enjoys music and all sports with 11 people on each team.

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