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Iwona Kulpa

Iwona Kulpa is My College Planning Team’s Outreach Director for the Polish-American college market. An immigrant from Poland herself, Iwona obtained her degree in Finance and Management at Northeastern Illinois University and worked in financial aid for 15 years, including serving as a Financial Aid Advisor and Auditor at Colorado Technical University.  Over that time, she has helped thousands of students secure the financial aid they needed so they could pursue their education.

Iwona has a passion for helping others and believes there is nothing more rewarding than adding value to someone’s life. She is married, has 3 boys, and loves working with young adults and helping them to choose the right path for their future.  She believes that everyone’s well-being is about finding the right mental and physical balance in their lives.  Her favorite quote is “Believe in your ability to be successful in the things you have a passion for. These are God-given gifts for you to use.” -Catherine Pulsifer

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