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Corey Bernard is a Junior/Senior counselor at a public high school in the west suburbs of Chicago. During her 10 year counseling career, Corey has assisted numerous students with their post-secondary plans and the college admissions process. She loves nothing more than helping students find their best-fit pathway that helps foster their passions.

Corey graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a concentration in Public Relations. She began her career working as a PR specialist at a mid-size Chiagoland firm helping to manage campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic food and beverage brands.

Corey enjoyed helping her clients find solutions and new opportunities; however, she learned that her true calling was to carry her skills over to education and assist young students instead. Corey then earned her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Lewis University and has since found fulfillment in helping her students discover their true potential academically and personally as they work towards their post-secondary goals.

In addition to her school counseling duties, Corey oversees scholarship opportunities for students. She is her school’s main contact for NCAA student eligibility and she also coordinates SAT test prep opportunities. She has been a member of the School Leadership Team, and serves as a sponsor for Student Council.

Corey enjoys new adventures and movie nights with her family. She resides in Geneva, Illinois with her husband and her two children.

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